Engaging the right people is the key step to the success of your project

Our unique approach to construction procurement offers many benefits over the traditional method. After an initial outline cost assessment for your project we prepare outline design drawings for discussion. Once these are agreed and approved we apply for planning consent, where required, and, simultaneously, prepare a detailed specification and working budget.

We do not provide a fixed priced contract but work very closely to an agreed budget and use our experience to deliver a high quality building project within a controlled time frame.

We offer an open book approach to building and provide you with monthly updated records of the actual build cost for your project and confirm the project total cost.

Some key benefits are:

  • Quicker start date and earlier completion
  • Easier and faster to incorporate design changes
  • You pay for the actual cost of the work carried out
  • Trade discounts directly passed on to you
  • No contractors penalties and ability to change project direction if necessary
  • Full transparency – access to all trade invoices
  • Control of budget throughout the project